Plans and Pricing

Choose a plan based on your storage and bandwidth requirements.

We treat our customers equally no matter what the company size is. All plans allow unlimited number of private repositories and collaborators; provide secure TLS data transfer and have right to fast technical support.

$15/ mo
5 GB Storage
15 GB Bandwidth
$50/ mo
20 GB Storage
70 GB Bandwidth
$100/ mo
50 GB Storage
150 GB Bandwidth
$300/ mo
150 GB Storage
500 GB Bandwidth
Tax Excluded: All prices exclude VAT/GST (EU) or Sales Tax (RoW), where applicable.
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Billing and Pricing FAQ

Can I use RpmDeb for free?

No, there is no such a tariff plan. We try to keep prices reasonably low and not to burden our existing customers with the expenses generated by the projects which are not yet ready to pay.

However, invited collaborators do not have to pay any fees.

How does trial work?

All tariff plans allow a 1 month non-obliging trial period. During this period you can try all available features and enjoy the bandwidth and storage space allocated to the chosen plan.

After 1 month the pull and push features in your trial account will be disabled, but it will be alive for the next 30 days. Then it will be deleted.

We understand that in some cases, 1 month is not enough to fully understand if the service is right for you and which tariff plan suits better. Just contact us to discuss.

How is bandwidth calculated?
All uploads to your repositories are free. RpmDeb automatically analyzes repository logs and sums up outgoing bytes to calculate the used bandwidth and attributes it to the account holder. The usage information is updated every 15 minutes and may be found in the Account Settings – Billing and Usage section.
How is storage calculated?

Every time a package is pushed to or removed from a repository, RpmDeb sums up the bytes. The total amount of bytes for a billing period (1 month) is the highest value of storage used during the billing period.

Example: during a billing period (1 month) you uploaded 10GB of packages, at the end of the period you deleted 8GB of them. This means the storage use for the previous billing period was 10GB; the new billing period starts with 2Gb of the used storage.

When and how am I billed?
You are billed the price for your plan at the day your subsription starts or renews. At the end of your billing period, your bandwidth and storage use are calculated. Any overage amounts will be added to the bill that you receive at the start of the next billing period.
What are the overage prices?
Starter Determined Advanced Enterprise
Storage 20¢/GB 18¢/GB 17¢/GB 15¢/GB
Bandwidth 60¢/GB 55¢/GB 50¢/GB 45¢/GB
Who processes payments? Which payment methods are available?

For your convenience RpmDeb engages 2Checkout(former Avangate B.V.) payment processing company to accept and serve your payments. 2Checkout has solid reputation for security of operations worldwide.

Please contact 2Checkout support regarding all questions connected with payment processing:

Will I be notified when I will be running out of the allocated bandwidth and storage?

The user with the Owner role will get notifications when your account limits will be nearing 50%, 75% and 95%.

The information is also available in the Account Settings – Billing and Usage section.

What happens if my account runs out of allocated bandwidth and storage?
The pull and push features of your account will be disabled, but it will be alive till the next billing period starts or you choose to upgrade your account subscription plan.
When and how can I upgrade/downgrade my plan?

You can upgrade your plan any time. As soon as you’ve upgraded your plan, your account will be billed for the next period (1 month) and the new higher bandwidth and storage limits will be allocated. Your billing date will change consequently.

You can downgrade your plan any time, but please keep in mind that we do not issue refunds and partial-refunds for the period which has already been paid. As soon as you’ve downgraded your plan, your account will be billed for the next period (1 month) and the new lower bandwidth and storage limits will be allocated. Your billing date will change consequently.

How can I control my usage/overage cost?

We notify by email as well as from inside the account about reaching the limits. By default your account stay active until overage exceeds twice as much bandwidth or storage allocated to your plan. Then it will be automatically disabled.

You can set up the overage limits manually in the Account Settings – Billing and Usage section.

My account got disabled. Why can it happen? How can I re-enable it?
  • Problem: your payment was not successful.

    Solution: please check you means of payment, it may be possible that you credit card is expired.

  • Problem: your default overage limits are reached – you have used twice as much of bandwidth or storage as allocated to - your plan.

    Solution: upgrade your tariff plan to optimize your costs.

Can I transfer my repositories to another account?
Can I cancel my account?
Yes, anytime you have decided. We do not bind you with long-term agreements. But we’ll be really sorry seeing you go – contact us first, maybe we can work on it!
I have another question that isn't answered here.
Please feel free to contact us if you need further assistance. We’re here to help!

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